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finally Something Out-Of-The-Box and unforgettable to experience with your loved one 
(very insta-worthy too)
No more boring movie/dinner dates or netflix & chilling...
finally Something 
Out-Of-The-Box and unforgettable to experience with Your loved one (very insta-worthy too)
No more boring movie/Dinner dates or netflix & chilling...


Captain Q
March 31st, 2020
Founder, Wanderlust Adventures Pte. Ltd.

Hello! It's Captain Q here.. and I think I know why you're here.

Do you remember what you and your spouse, partner, or family did the last time you spent time with them?

If you don't, you definitely need to do something about this...

If you do, good! BUT..

Was it fun? Exciting? Something new? And most of all, was it memorable?

It is indeed true that Singapore is really, really small and you are running (or already ran) out of ideas for your next date.

And it is probably going to be another boring movie date (unless it's the Avengers), a typical museum date, a tiring hike at same old Macritchie Treetop or Southern Ridges, or an overpriced dinner date.

Sometimes, it just feels like these dates are planned for the sake of it.

There is no exceptional meaning behind it and it's easily forgotten and unappreciated.

That's exactly how I felt and slowly, my relationship became repetitive, dull... My partner and I were constantly arguing over small matters due to the lack of variety.

So before it got even worse, I went on the Internet and googled "New & Fun Date Ideas In Singapore"...

And as expected... it was the same old boring stuff. Till I dived deeper and found something called a yacht escape.
It sounded intriguing but it didn't stand out to me because I can enjoy a sea view from East Coast Park too.

However as much as I hate to admit, being on the cruise is definitely more out of the ordinary and romantic...

So I thought that this idea had an excellent potential. It just needed a little tweak to it.

What I found was something more special, timeless, and close to the heart.

I wanted to create an experience away from the urban city that lets you spend intimate time with only your loved one.

From years of doing my favorite hobbies, I combined them into an experience that no other yacht could have given you —Sunset Fishing Cruise.

It is the perfect getaway for couples who want to spend quality time together.

It disconnects you from technology so that you can focus on being present for your partner.

It lets you spend uninterrupted time together in nature and have actual, heartfelt conversations. 

It opens you up to a new adventure. And when you both experience the thrill of landing a new personal best fish, you create lasting bonds and memories.

Whether it's a special occasion or simply to gift your loved one an unforgettable night, you will be sure to remember this date.

Over the years, we've seen couples ignite or re-ignite their romantic spark in this cruise and we want to continue to give this exceptional experience to all our clients.

Previous Month Bookings:

"Captain Q got it all planned. It was really a new and fun experience."

We'd never fished before so the crew assisted us throughout patiently and brought us to different spots to catch as many fishes as possible, and the fishes were super fresh & delicious! :)

- Jocelyn, 28

"A 5-Star Unforgettable Sunset Cruise."

Captain Q and crew was top notch. I planned this for my wife’s birthday and she loved it. Within seconds, we starting reeling in fish! Everything was so delicious and memorable.. I highly recommend for an unforgettable, unique experience.

- Jaye Foo, 36


 Suitable for couples, family, and friends you want to spend an incredible time with

 Friendly Captain & crew that will protect, guide you, and be at your service throughout

 A Catch N' Cook Experience & an opportunity to savor the freshness of the sea


 Suitable for couples, family, and friends you want to spend an incredible time with

 Friendly Captain & crew that will protect, guide you, and be at your service throughout

 A Catch N' Cook Experience & an opportunity to savor the freshness of the sea




Kelvin & Wife, 
Satisfied Customer

"Learning fishing from wanderlust is as easy as 1,2,3. A step-by-step methodical approach with hands-on experience. 

For a novice like me, I really find it super easy to pick up fishing.

Captain Q and Raymond went out of their way to ensure that everything was prepared well for us, the date was on schedule, and most importantly, ensure that we have a unique and memorable experience."

Reviews On Tripadvisor...

"A memorable experience for my husband's 30th." -Jesie

"The experience was surreal, personal and intimate."  -Vincent C

"Captain Q has all the grounds covered. Great experience!" -Edmund

"They took care of every details of our trip." -Bian Cheng

"A fun and relaxing time!" -Nian Ting

"Can't believe how quickly we were catching our own fish!" - Swee

"Comfortable yacht, knowledgeable & caring captain" -Derick Tee

"Captain Q got it all planned and we enjoyed the fishing" -Milson

"Absolutely a top choice for bonding" -Henry Gu

"Very helpful captain and deckie" -Wei Quan

"5-star experience from beginning to end" -Reyor Ko

and many more...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is included in the charter fee?

The price for the Catch N' Cook experience is $499 for 2 pax (minimum) which includes rental of the yacht with captain, our crew's guidance and services, rental & usage of fishing equipment and fishing bait.
*Weekends, public holidays, eve of P.H., & Valentine's Day surcharge of $200.
- Additional $100/pax for every subsequent guest up to maximum 6 guests.
- Additional $150/hour for extension of time.
You can request for late departure up to 7:00 pm and we will extend the return timing accordingly.
*Due to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) Restrictions, no dining is allowed onboard. However, all catches can be taken home.

2. What happens if it rains?

When extreme weather condition occurs, please assume that the trip is still on. It will only be cancelled upon notification from Wanderlust Adventures (WA). If the trip is cancelled by WA, full refund will be credited back to the credit card that you used for payment.

Please bring along rain coat as the trip shall continue when there is light rain and for your own safety, it shall solely be the discretion of the captain to make adjustments to the trip itinerary when extreme weather conditions occur.

3. What if I get sea sick?

If you are not used to long periods on a boat, please take sea sick pills 30 minutes before boarding the yacht. If you feel sick during the trip, there is medication and a bed on board for you to rest.

4. I do not know how to swim, is it safe for me?

Our yachts have life vests for all guests and our crew are experienced divers and swimmers in cases of emergency. You can request for a life vest if you wish to take a dip in the sea.

5. What are the cancellation charges?

Any change in date or destination is considered as cancellation.
Less than or 3 days prior to trip - No refund
Less than or 7 days prior to trip - 50% refund
More than 7 days prior to trip - Full refund with 10% cancellation fee